Intervention Programmes


A 12 week personal development recovery group for women who have experienced domestic abuse. Facilitated by expert psychotherapists in a confidential and safe setting, this programme will help the woman identify life-long patterns of abuse, set realistic goals and learn new techniques towards self-determined change.

Insights for Mothers 

A 10 week programme to help mothers understand how their relationships have impacted both themselves and their children. Aided by highly experienced psychotherapists in a confidential atmosphere, mothers will learn to understand their children’s challenging behaviours, and how to support and communicate effectively with them.

TLC Kidz 

Clare Haven Services, in partnership with Barnardos, runs a 12 week psychoeducational programme for both children (aged 5-18) and mothers; both groups run concurrently. It is an early intervention approach for children and young people who have experienced domestic violence and abuse.


How can someone join a programme?

A woman can self refer or can be referred (with her consent) by her Clare Haven support worker or an external agency e.g. Family Support Worker, Social Worker, GP, etc. We will do an assessment of need to see which intervention programme best suits the need. Speak to client support on 0656842646 or email